Dance in the Rain

What I really wanted

Is to dance in the rain

Holding nothing back

Everything to gain


But that’s not what happened

As the downpours came

In the midst of the storms

I just crumbled again


As I cried out to You

My tears fell like the rain

I stumbled and fell

My heart full of shame


But You never leave me there

Crumpled on the floor


No, You never leave me there


You pick me up

And say you’re OK

You say “Trust Me now,

I’ll never leave you

And I’m right here, 

Child, I’m right here


Be still My Child

It’ll be alright

Cause I’ve got you now 

And I’ll hold you tight


Give it all to Me

I want everything

I paid the price

To set you free

Let go of the shame

And give Me your pain

I’ll work it out

It’ll be all right

Just wait and see

And leave it to Me


Dust yourself off now

And remember you are Mine

You’re never alone

Remember you are Mine


Dance like you want to

Praise, come what may 

You’re getting stronger 

You can dance….. 

Dance in the rain.”


Smell like Jesus

I don’t just want to know

that You’re here

I want to know

that You’re here

I don’t want to stand

on the outside

looking in

I have to be

in the middle

of what You’re doing


As much as I love

the Fragrance of Jesus

Love smelling You

walk into the room

I wanna smell

like Jesus

Just as You said

I would


I don’t just want to hear

another story

though I love

the testimonies

I want to be


by the Fragrance

of You


Victoria Boyson’s “Passionate Pursuit”

I’m one of those people, who just feels the need, sometimes with a sense of urgency, to share what I find. Whether it is something I think would be enjoyed; be a blessing; an encouragement; informative; needed; or even to ‘advertise’ someone’s quality work or insights, I just need to share it. We called to build each other up!!  With that in mind, I bring to your attention this piece of work.  🙂

Just read this article posted by Victoria Boyson. It is actually an excerpt from her new book entitled “His Passionate Pursuit”. I’ve followed Victoria’s postings for most of the last decade now. She is of a very gentle nature and pure spirit. It is her heart that you be touched by what she writes. This is quite normally the case!  Enjoy! Be Blessed! and get the book! I know I was!!!