Jesus in Jail

I know the author of this testimony, who’s been in this battle… Amazingly enough, she keeps getting back up, cause HE keeps showing up, even when she’s been at her lowest. She is a beautiful woman of God who is still just learning who she really is.. One of these days, she’ll understand that the Favor which He shows her, is because HE LOVES her that much. I hope this brings hope to someone’s day!

The Testimonies of Praise Community Church

I am so in love with GOD and it’s so amazing the things He is doing in my life. The favor He shows me, along with how much He loves me has been most amazing to me lately. I see and feel this more and more most recently in my life. I had the most ugly but amazing thing happen to me recently. I’ve been battling constant relapsing with my addiction lately and I just experienced a blessing in disguise this last week in my life. I actually had to go to jail for 6 days because my P.O. wanted to wake me up, and get me detoxed. While in jail for 6 days, the glory I experienced was just amazing.!!! I cannot believe all the FAVOR the Lord shows me. All the correctional officers that I was around spoke to me about GOD, and encouraged me not to give…

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Oops.. I did it again…

I knew I shouldn’t have done it. But I did.. oops, now here I am, again, having sat at the computer past my ‘allotted time’. And as for being on the blog, yikes, I was only going to check to see if this week’s photo challenge had been posted yet. But, there were a few notifications (hmmm sounds alot like FB… notifications, good links to check out, articles to read, videos to watch… translation=time!) and one of them was a blog I don’t think I’d checked out until today.

So here I am writing once again. My heart is not really that heavy, I’m not really feeling all that sad or depressed, and yet, I think I could sit down and cry. The post was a question regarding the start up of a parenting go-to blog. “Was it necessary” or a “good idea”? Heck yeah! 🙂  Kudos to this mom. She was drafted (though it may look more like she was drug into) into the darker side of the world of todays teens. I almost qualified that statement to American teens, but then I remembered, I’ve talked to a few and they were not American. 

This mom, has been introduced to the nightmare toooooo many teens and children call life. EVERYDAY life. Some are bullied – mostly by their peers, but too often also by the very people who they’re supposed to look up to or be protected by. That in itself is a created nightmare – one that is pretty much inescapable. Some live in what we would normally consider abusive situations. Some live with more pressure than their young minds and innocent hearts were created to deal with. In short… pain. These young people live with too much stress and heartache and it produces pain. The pain is real. The pain, too often becomes just too overwhelming. 

That pain begins to have a life of it’s own, and one does either everything they can to feed it, or kill it and almost always, hide it – especially from those who love them. None of these are helpful, nor healthy and only lead to an increase of more and more pain and the by products thereof. 

I will not belabor this any further, it needs no glorification. But it is real, and it’s past time that is known. People need compassion and to treat each other at the very least humanely, regardless of age. 

In anycase… KUDOS to the mom who wrote this post, and in the midst of her own dealings, had the overriding view that in the process, people could get together and help one another. It sure is a lot more productive than just expressing our hurts, fear, frustrations etc.  Good for her. Good for her, and those like her. 

We have no idea, just what deep reserves we each have, way down deep within us, that can be called upon to do great and awesome things, just when we least expect it. 🙂

One Mom’s Journey

This site, and this mom’s willingness to go way out of the box in public to save her son’s life moves me deeply. And it hits way, way too close to home. And it pushes the proverbial button. 

Take some time, check it out as well as the facebook page, and encourage them, and uphold them in your prayers. 

This is a heartbreaking situation, and they are not the exception, other than this mom’s willingness to take the fight public. Kudos to her! There are WAY too many hurting young people, of all ages. There has been so much pressure in their young lives, and it’s not all from bullying, but for many the bullying is so far over the top, excrutiating and crushing. Who,I  mean really, who has the capacity to walk into a place a of terror – EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY having to face constant and persisitent torture. AND YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE because you are REQUIRED to do so. Not only that, you are expected to be able to learn and function well in the midst of it, and you’re not getting paid for it, you can’t just quit and walk away and find a new job, and when you tell ANYONE, it just immediately unleashes a lashback that outdoes the original abuse. oops.. I used the a word.

If you think I’m exagerating, think again. And for parents who were teased, picked on, harrased, belittled and tortured in school… PLEASE hear me: your world is NOT the one they are dealing with. We had it easy; no matter how bad it was, it’s worse for this generation. It’s not like they can come home and get away from it, not with the internet and most young people having phones, texting. They can’t just come indoors (and hide) to get away from the ‘neighborhood’ bully. For many, if not most, this is a nearly 24/7 existance, it’s overwhelming and it’s time that was made know to those who could possibly make a difference. Please do not shrug off the concerns of your child or make light of their fears – they are real. And frighteningly, many, if most teens and younger, may never even tell you they are being bullied. Moms and Dads… your kids need you.

To the Moms and Dads who walking a similar path as the one  Noah’s family is walking – bless you. Hang in there, and don’t give up. And no matter how frightening it might be, or how much they say they hate you, down deep they really love you, and they need to know, that they know, that they know you really love them. How you get that through to them, is going to be as individual as both you and they are. 

Ok.. Rant over.. at least for now. But everyone.. encourage the people around you, let them know they are a life that matters – you may never know who’s life might be saved in doing so.