“Everything Changes” New post

Pastor Glenn with Sammie (I think it’s Sammie.. he’s grown!!)

Ok! I just posted a new updates post on my missions blog (and a donation page). 

http://wp.me/p2xfel-7u  “Everything Changes” 


Urban – Weekly Photo Challenge; Nicaragua style

Within minutes of reading this challenge, I knew the picture I needed to find. “Urban” sounds almost like an oxymoron when you live out in the country, although I jokingly call our development area the megatropolis in the boonies. We live in the land of towns where, ‘if you blinked, you missed it!”. Our development is larger than the towns. 

Normally I hear urban and think it automatically means city, but according to this challenge, city photos don’t seem to be the requirement for being urban. But thinking momentarily about city photos, I think I made the association with growing up going to market in Harrisburg, Pa with my grandparents when I was a kid. I remember much of it as being a ‘dirty’ and run down place. It wasn’t a big shiny city like NYC. With that picture in the back of my conscience somewhere, I thought of Nicaragua, and knew the photo I needed to find. I found a few more along the way…

If a pictures speaks a thousand words, the depths of this child’s soul is laid bare before all who’d dare see. A Child in the nicest barrio we ministered in.

This is the home of the preschool teacher in this particular barrio. Parts of this barrio are concrete and some nicely painted, and others like this or worse. This home served as the preschool, feeding center and church. The young adults/teens were from La Quinta Esperanza, the children’s home in a neighboring town, who ran this church.

I went from taking pictures to helping to fan away flies (and that was unbelievably necessary!) to feeding by hand the littlest one on the left. This was in the same preschool/home/church site.

The photo I was looking for. The man, not shown in this picture, was on the street corner sorting out these magazines(?), I thought actually to sell them. Given the condition of these, that would be a sad way to earn a living… This was taken in Managua on our way to our destination.

On the brighter side… a bit more color…

Part of a mural in Diriamba, cheers things up a bit! I think my husband took this one.

Tomorrow I’m off to the city of York! Arts Festival!!  


Newest page on my Mission Possible! site is now up. 

New Life Center (Nueva Vida Christian Center) page link


Nueva Vida Christian Center is a branch of Mateo 5:16, the ministry I’m headed back to Nicaragua to be with soon.