Bryan’s Gems – The Outpouring

This is the first posting / word from God Bryan has asked for me specifically to share. It might stretch you for a bit. But I hope you grab hold of it and take it to God. ¬†ūüôā


The Outpouring

April 13, 2014

Last week God started talking to me in my car about something He said He was about to do. ¬†Here’s what He said:

“Gifts of the Spirit are not the point, son. ¬†I AM the point. ¬†You have known this but many do not. ¬†It’s for this reason that I’m about to unlock the gifts of My Spirit that people were born with. ¬†Not only for those who know and love Me but especially for those who do not know Me or do not love Me.¬†

There will be new gifts. ¬†I want everyone to know that this is an entirely new move of Mine. ¬†The new gifts will be a sign of that. ¬†Some will move at the speed of thought and some will fly. ¬†All will know I’m here.¬†

An earthly father may remove something being used improperly by his children, but I’m not that way. ¬†The gifts were meant to be used in love and NOT meant to be put above Me. ¬†They were always signs that point to Me yet My children have sought them instead of Me. ¬†And so I am unlocking them in both the righteous and the wicked. ¬†The lost and the found will have them. ¬†All will have them in great abundance. ¬†When everyone is moving in powerful signs and wonders, nobody will see a need to chase them.¬†

For believers, gifts will grow in power and scope.  Walking in power and authority will be like breathing for The Body of Christ.  For unbelievers, they will be shocked by sudden encounters caused by their gifts.  They will have questions for you and your siblings.  Welcome them with open arms.

The gifts of My Spirit will be as silver in the days of Solomon; ¬†so plentiful that it will no longer be sought. ¬†You will all be freed to seek the gold that is My love, My presence, a relationship with your Father.”

The closest thing I can find to match it in scripture is this:

Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on¬†all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.¬†

I think the key in that passage is “all flesh”. ¬†I say this because He goes further in Joel 2:29:

And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

Those are the church.  Verse 28 is in reference to humanity as a whole but specifically non believers.  Verse 29 is about believers or those who serve God.

God doesn’t usually “speak” to me. ¬†Now, I didn’t hear and audible voice but I surely got a bunch of obvious text. ¬†I heard Him quite clearly in my spirit and was overcome with His presence. ¬†I don’t say that to convince you. ¬†I say that to show why I was convinced it was Him and why I felt the need to share it. ¬†He normally talks to me through images or vivid daydreams, impressions, ideas, etc… ¬†I’ve learned to know when He’s entered into a conversation with me. ¬†But this was different somehow.

After He gave me this word, I said to Him, “Father, I’m not sure it’s a good idea I tell people that they’re going to fly. ¬†I mean, I like the idea and I can believe it but c’mon.”

He replied, “Test Me on this. ¬†I’ve told you that gifting will be easy for you. ¬†Go to Rutters and prove Me to the people working there.”

I was like, “Oh, now you’re talking! ¬†So, I’m going to go prophesy over them and you’re saying it will be like I’m totally in the zone and I’ll totally blow their minds?”

He replied, “Yes.”

Off I went to Rutters in Stewartstown, PA, at 3:00 am.

So I walk into Rutters. ¬†There’s a cashier and one other employee. ¬†I was already overcome with His presence, so I was kind of walking funny with a dazed look on my face. ¬†I was totally drunk on Him. ¬†The cashier says, “Um, are you OK?”

I said, “Yes, I was just talking with God.”

She leaned away from me, her eyes widening. ¬†She smirked and said, “Ooook.”¬†

“You don’t believe me?” I said.
She puts her hands on her hips and says, “Well, I’ll believe in God when I see some proof.”

HAHA!  Game on.

I proceeded to tell her all about herself. ¬†Her past, her current struggles, her dreams, her long-term desires. ¬†I must have been talking to her for about 30 minutes, totally locked in on her with prophetic tunnel vision. ¬†I’m not sure exactly when but at some point her eyes got real wide and were just locked on me. ¬†She served several customers during our talk but almost never looked away from me. ¬†Finally she says, “What’s going on? ¬†I feel dizzy. ¬†Like, my whole body is tingling.”¬†

I replied, “That’s the Spirit of God. ¬†I told you He loves you. ¬†He’s just confirming that.”

She yells out, “That’s awesome!” ¬†Then she calls over to her coworker and says, “You gotta come listen to this guy, he’s amazing!”

I had nearly the same experience with the other employee. ¬†Only hearing God for him was even easier. ¬†I knew things about him that he has never told anyone, including what he wants to do with his life. ¬†I told him about his grandiose dreams that people have always told him were too big. ¬†I told him that God put those dreams in him and would back him all the way. ¬†I told him don’t ever give up, God loves him amazingly and wants him to be happy and successful. ¬†He yells over to his coworker afterward, “This guy just nailed me. ¬†He got me to a T.”

We have been given permission to love people radically with supernatural abilities. ¬†Now it’s going to be even easier. ¬†Get out there and love in ways you always hoped were possible but have never seen.¬†