Dance in the Rain

What I really wanted

Is to dance in the rain

Holding nothing back

Everything to gain


But that’s not what happened

As the downpours came

In the midst of the storms

I just crumbled again


As I cried out to You

My tears fell like the rain

I stumbled and fell

My heart full of shame


But You never leave me there

Crumpled on the floor


No, You never leave me there


You pick me up

And say you’re OK

You say “Trust Me now,

I’ll never leave you

And I’m right here, 

Child, I’m right here


Be still My Child

It’ll be alright

Cause I’ve got you now 

And I’ll hold you tight


Give it all to Me

I want everything

I paid the price

To set you free

Let go of the shame

And give Me your pain

I’ll work it out

It’ll be all right

Just wait and see

And leave it to Me


Dust yourself off now

And remember you are Mine

You’re never alone

Remember you are Mine


Dance like you want to

Praise, come what may 

You’re getting stronger 

You can dance….. 

Dance in the rain.”


Fuel for the Fire

Haha! Did ya wonder if I fell off the face of the planet? Nah… and sort of yea…  But as I came to look for something I was working on near the end of 2013, I found this in the draft folder, and I was surprised by what I’d written back there near the end of May…


Many are crying out for the Fire to fall  – The Fire of His Spirit.

Pentecost is on the way, again. How much do we want this outpouring we are crying out for?

Fire needs fuel to burn. No fuel – no fire.  Pretty simple.

What might this fuel be that is needed for this coming Fire? Certainly we do not want it to fall only to fizzle away…

Romans 12:2 – NKJV

Living Sacrifices to God
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
It occurred to me, that WE need to be laid out upon the altar. We need to be willing to lay everything down. The Fire will fall, that is not even in question. All that we are and have built will be tested in the Fire. That which was hay, wood and stubble will be no longer.
It will soon be revealed what is Holy, and what was not.
“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” – this is an amazing concept. This is a beautiful thing. Both John the Baptist and Jesus went about preaching “repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. God does not want us to miss Him. God wants us in His Kingdom. He wants us to see Him, see how much He loves us. He wants us in His family – Jesus gave it all that we could be fully reconciled back to the Father. He holds nothing back from us. Are we willing to lay it all down, holding nothing back from Him.
I did not realize that this has been sitting in my draft folder now for over a month. Oh and how little did I know what was coming my way, or how much of what is written here I’d be living out. I’ve been getting tested in some of that fire most recently, I think many of us have been. A visiting minister told me last weekend, that God wants a sacrifice. He’s willing to release the fire, but He requires a sacrifice. Guess I wasn’t so far off after all.  🙂
More to come, surely..

It´s Time for New Things

Greetings from Nicaragua!!

I´m sitting in Casa Mateo Missions House, where we´ve been staying,  for a few moments trying to catch up a bit. The computer was down until a few days ago… and we have to share! =)

But just to quickly update – The team has now returned to the states. It was so very odd to return to my room after we dropped them off at the airport, knowing that there was now an empty bed and an empty room beside me. It was suddenly sooo very quiet, almost too quiet. 

I went downstairs to get some breakfast, and spent a good bit of time going through an English lesson packet that Glenn uses to help the young people learn some basic English, but it has enough Spanish broken down in it for the comparisons to be a simple start. I´ll finish on this this morning at some point and give the packet back and start practicing!! 

I had some time to spend in the Word, but was in the piano room for a good while, to worship, and to work up a few simple songs who´s words seemed to escape me the entire trip, most of which are already sung here by some in Spanish.

The overriding theme throughout our time here has been along the lines of letting go of what was (the old) in order to walk into what will be (the new). It seems to be that season for many, not just here, but all over. And evidently, I am no exception. I think I´d already been catching that inkling, but now that I´m alone, knowing as well that there was to be some precious time with Pappa (God) once the team left, I am more aware that this is where I´m headed as well. 

In His infinite wisdom and grace, He knew how to push the restart button. I knew they wanted to take the extra bed out of the room (the twin I´d been sleeping on) etc… so I wanted to make sure I was out of the way before heading up to lay down a bit. (3:30 am came early!!) When I got up to the room, it was literally as if I´d walked into a whole new room! 

Maria just spoils me!!!! She put new bedding on the bed, replaced my 2 half full bottles of water with 2 new ones, straightened and prettied things up, and placed a rocking chair in my room!!! I was thinking just the day or two before that I´d like to pull one of the chairs into the room… but wouldn´t have! I was thinking last evening, that this was like the separation from what had been so far, to what was beginning. God is so gracious in helping us move from one season to another, one purpose, one assignment etc.. to the next. 

So here I am, about to head to the roof and check out the view and enjoy the heavy breezes that are blowing.