Unseen – Beyond: Weekly Photo Challenge

While looking at photos from our last trip to Nicaragua, to find the hotel shots I posted for this challenge on my other blog, I found these. I looked for other photos for this site last evening, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. But this pair has not left my heart since seeing them. The challenge was to post what means “beyond” to us. Beyond what we can see, understand, know etc. But this post is more along the lines of beyond what we are willing to see, or acknowledge etc.

This pair were taken at a senior center in Nicaragua. The puppet team was performing and the outreach team went along. I was very overwhelmed here. It wasn’t like a senior center here. I’ve tried 3 times to write the next line.. but I guess it’s better left unsaid.  Anyhow, in this photo, this gentleman wanted us to sing a song, the name of which he could not remember. Turned out to be ‘How Great Thou Art’. He was a neat old guy, with VERY good English. I was standing beside him in this picture. We are ‘beyond’ the focal characters standing in the front of the photo. But beyond us yet, is one who went nearly unseen, almost as if she didn’t ‘exist’. Not everyone wanted to join us for the show… But someone found her (2nd photo). 🙂

Pastor Glenn And Pastor Bonnie - Nicaragua missionaries, our teams and the residents gathered for the puppet show

Pastor Glenn And Pastor Bonnie – Nicaragua missionaries, our teams and the residents gathered for the puppet show



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Foreign: Weekly Photo Challenge fun

Oh I laughed when I saw the title of this challenge!!!  haha

I thought wow. This is an easy one and now I have a ‘good’ excuse to post Nica pics. And with a team just returning from a mission’s trip in Nicaragua, myself getting ready to return in a few months and the missionaries I’m connected to being in the states (who I should be seeing in just a couple of days), I definitely have Nica on the brain. So as soon as I saw the word ‘foreign’ I thought Nica.

So here’s a pic from my last trip. This was my first adventure personally using a translator – which at first was quite foreign to me. He was awesome though, I learned a lot of the dos and don’t in talking to people through a translator and some of the local customs. Funny though, by the time we visited with this lady, who we were asked to pray for because she was very sick – possibly with Dengue Fever – he was genuinely praying as much or more than translating. It was powerful and a blast!

One of the ladies in the barrio receiving prayer with and through a translator. In Nicaragua