Weekly Photo Challenge: A New Point of View

Christmas Surprise2

The Christmas Snow with an indoor framing

Tried to capture the un-predicted Christmas snow, but was having issues with the lighting. When I stepped back a couple of steps, the window, the tree and the plant made for an unplanned frame, and naturally silhouette effect. 

Under the weeping cherry tree(?)

Under the weeping cherry tree(?)

I walked by this tree dozens of times, and never realized how spacious and gorgeous it was inside, behind the veils of flowers, wispy branches and new leaves.. this day, I had to investigate. And I loved how the fallen petals were making a soft carpet. This was a public park, but I was soo tempted to make it my secret quiet spot!

the bridge

The Bridge @ the Township Park

This bridge was only about 50 yards or less from the tree. I would often rest a few moments here and take in the soothing sounds of the creek. But this excursion was planned for photo taking. I was trying play around with the angles. My daughter does this so effortlessly, I’m still learning!


A Sign? I Hope Not! Weekly Photo Challenge: (A Foreboding!) Foreshadow

A Sign? I Hope Not! Weekly Photo Challenge:Foreboding

This critter pretty much ‘fell’ onto the porch… almost as if it was unintentional. I’m NOT a bug person! But, at least it’s not as big as the ones in Nicaragua that the kids like to play with…

It can leave, now…

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour – Take 2 & 3

First entry for this challenge were pics previously taken. But this one sparked an interest to shoot intentionally. Yesterday morning, I took the camera along with me for the 2 mile walk I was braving, literally for the first hour the day to hopefully beat the heat. *Ha! It got cooler as that hour went on as I heated up.

Take 2 – The first shots were a little rough, but the colors were cool as I started up the first small facing directly towards the rising sun. The I had to make a right and couldn’t see much past the corn stalks. Once I hit the next intersection, things started to lighten up and taking pictures got a little easier… until the camera started doing something it’s never done before…

Dawning Collage

first color, corn stalks, and an accidental flash

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TAKE – 3 Not long after reading the challenge post, I drove past our church that evening in the city and was taken by how the evening sunlight cast long beautiful shadows upon the lawns of the cemetery behind it and I thought, oh I should have brought my camera. But I remembered it with Tues evening when I was back. These were taken through or just over the fence. I wanted to go in and get up the hill, which over looks the city, but I kept getting interrupted and missed my opportunity.

I thought these turned out pretty cool.

Slide show #2

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