Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour – Take 2 & 3

First entry for this challenge were pics previously taken. But this one sparked an interest to shoot intentionally. Yesterday morning, I took the camera along with me for the 2 mile walk I was braving, literally for the first hour the day to hopefully beat the heat. *Ha! It got cooler as that hour went on as I heated up.

Take 2 – The first shots were a little rough, but the colors were cool as I started up the first small facing directly towards the rising sun. The I had to make a right and couldn’t see much past the corn stalks. Once I hit the next intersection, things started to lighten up and taking pictures got a little easier… until the camera started doing something it’s never done before…

Dawning Collage

first color, corn stalks, and an accidental flash

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TAKE – 3 Not long after reading the challenge post, I drove past our church that evening in the city and was taken by how the evening sunlight cast long beautiful shadows upon the lawns of the cemetery behind it and I thought, oh I should have brought my camera. But I remembered it with Tues evening when I was back. These were taken through or just over the fence. I wanted to go in and get up the hill, which over looks the city, but I kept getting interrupted and missed my opportunity.

I thought these turned out pretty cool.

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Out of Season? or Just in a Hurry for Spring! Take two!

Low and behold, no it is not yet Spring… as ‘mother nature’ proved yet once again, the Valentine’s Day 2013…

Yesterday’s tulips, beneath some snow…

I looked for the crocus from yesterday in the other bed, but t’was completely covered. So, I snapped a few other pics, a couple I’ll post here.  And P.S. It’s supposed to be back up to forty-five degrees today. No wonder the flowers are confused… haha!

A nice bright blanket of snow to begin Valentine's Day

A nice bright blanket of snow to begin Valentine’s Day

My morning's greeting... the tops of the trees behind my neighbor's house across the street.

My morning’s greeting… the tops of the trees behind my neighbor’s house across the street.

Out of Season? or Just in a Hurry for Spring!

Well, I guess the bulbed flowers outside, just couldn’t wait for Spring to be sprung in order to join the green and flowers from last year featured here. (I was in the need of bright cheery color, so I’d changed things up mid-winter.)

Just after mid-Jan I noticed little bits of green peeking through what I THOUGHT thick layers of mulch, and even over where we’d put down some stone. Sure enough, it was not my imagination. With storms headed our way, I did my best to cover them back up to protect them. Ha! By the beginning of February, they decided to make their entrance anyhow. It was about this time last year that they’d begun showing, and I thought it was too early then. So, I guess I’ll just hope and pray they survive the remains of winter, and that my crocuses don’t croak! (or the tulips, or daffodils!)

here come the crocus!

here come the crocus!

Tulips tulips... not only early but twice multiplied!
Tulips tulips… not only early but twice multiplied!