Everything Changes… And Repeat

I am beginning to notice a trend to my postings, whether on this blog or my Mission Possible! site. I seem to keep saying, in one form or another, that everything changes.

For the last 14 years or so, this seems to be so very true. Sometimes the changes come so fast and furious that they are hard to keep up with. Some changes are joyous and fun and others can be heartbreaking. Some, just make you stop in your track, causing you to need to remind yourself to breath.

But that’s ok! Seriously, it’s ok to stop, take a few deep breaths (however long that takes!), and take stock of what just happened in the light of everywhere you’ve been, knew and understood and believe, and where know you’re headed – dreams, hopes and visions, prophecies, promises and the like. And Truth. Where does this fit in the bigger picture. If it’s God, it will reveal it’s Truth in the scheme of His timeline and purposes. It will, though maybe not immediately, begin to make perfect sense and become a solid reality, as if it had belonged there all along. NOTE! This could also be the catalyst for needed adjustments and changes! Changes in behaviors and attitudes as well as adjustments in beliefs… HE is always tweaking and aligning!

Anyone who’s ever gone through any traumatic event KNOWS that NOTHING looks the same or carries the same weight, importance or meaning afterwards. EVERYTHING looks different!!

Sure seems like I’ve been here a lot in the last handful of months. (not tragedies, just trying!!!) Some of those junctures have been painful, often resulting in some letting go – which when you know how good this can be gets easier since you know there’s fruit in doing so; with the real possibility that in time what’s been released will be later restored.

Fortunately, in recent weeks, the changes have been fast and furious but nearly painless. Or maybe the pain of birth has just been forgotten with the joy of it’s arrival. We are in a new day in the great timeline of eternity, and things are changing quickly.

In the same manner that scientists are discovering realities they never saw before, God is revealing more and more of who He is, who we are and it’s sometimes mind blowing and breath taking. There is NO LIMIT to God – HE is without limit. I just turned 52 and have spent a lifetime believing and in relationship, and I am still being astounded by what is being revealed.

That’s where I’ve been in the last couple of days. I’m faced with a truth that I just have no grid for, but I know its real. I actually love that God does this. It’s keeps us fresh and hungering for more and open to the new that He wants to show us. Religion so quickly boxes us in. We get solid in our beliefs, and some of our foundational beliefs had better be, or we will be swept away where we do NOT want to be swept away to and by. Some of what we believed to be rock solid and immovable turned out not to be so true, or was just one layer of the truth to be built upon. But truth be told, His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts not our thoughts. His thinking and ways of doing are on such a higher plane than ours. He sees, moves, etc. with eternity in perspective – He sees the end from the beginning. And He knows exactly how to get us to our end, nothing escapes His gaze.

So once again, I’ll stand in this space of wonder and inquire and enjoy the mystery that is unfolding while I wait for the ‘how’ I fit in or maneuver in this new dimension of truth.


God in a Box

I’m on to something that I have not words for. It’s bigger than my mind wants to wrap around yet. Maybe because it’s a spiritual truth that’s understood by the spirit and my mind just isn’t there yet. But there’s an awareness that God is soo much bigger and brighter and more beautiful than we could ever have imagined, and that there so much more for us, as His children, to tap into, to become a part of… 

We continually attempt to define and explain that which we have no answers for – thereby again cutting off the possibilities and ‘limiting’ God, when we could just say that we don’t understand… yet, and then let Him fill in the gaps somewhere on down the road.

Humanity keeps attempting to put limits in a limitless God, but it’s only we who have had limits. As we comprehend how limitless He is, we’ll have found that the boundaries of our limitations to be much much broader than we comprehended them to be. 

Get ready, there’s more to Him, and there’s more to us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God does not live in a box… of any size…

And He is WORTHY of worship.

His Glory

A Key for Breakthrough

“a key to breakthroughbe persistent, and even brave enough, to move forward in your ‘assignment’ (task at hand) even if you don’t feel up to it, or qualified. Learn to discern the times God is telling you to pull back, but learn to also recognize when it’s the enemy trying to push you back. As you maintain forward movement, not only do you break through the hindrances set up against you, you may very well be surprised to find the others who are coming through with you, or behind you in the process. What you’re going through may seem crushing and impossible to overcome – but going through will have a farther reaching outcome than sitting down, bowing out or walking away. He who is in you, and with you, is far greater than he who is in the world. Love Him right where you’re at and keep reaching!!”


This was my Facebook status that I posted today… gleaned from yet one more set of circumstances; both adverse and advanced (thank God for the prophetic word!!) with the advanced equipping for the adverse, making a way for a great outcome!   🙂

Since this lesson learned seemed to have touched a needed place in several, I thought maybe it should be shared here as well. If it’s for you, be blessed, stay in Hope, and keep pressing in and pressing on.