Hope Springs Eternal – A Follow-up to Morning Glory

Morning Glory 2

Valentine's Snow 2013, even though it was melted by afternoon, I loved the light play

Valentine’s Snow 2013, even though it was melted by afternoon, I loved the light play

These photos were of the same Valentine’s Day morning as the one I posted yesterday for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Change. Normally, when the sun rises on a clear day following the snow, I can see through my neighbor’s trees to the fields behind them, which are so beautiful as they glisten in the morning sun on newly fallen snow. But this morning there was a different show. I tried to capture it, and though I like this pictures, still the reality was more magical. What really captures my attention though, are the unexpected colors and light that came over the house. They seem to usher in such peace and hope.

This is why I include them today, in following up from last night’s post. I was definitely feeling pretty sad last evening, and was truly grateful then, and even more so this morning, that I’d not been inundated with the news as we so often are when tragedy of this proportion strikes. But like these pictures, the article I read this morning, which had been posted on FB, brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to my heart. I’d been seeing such negative postings regarding justice, terror, gun control etc. But this article was posting about the good that we actually know breaks forth in tragedy. Neighbors helping neighbors; strangers helping whom they can; stature and position suddenly dissipateing and it’s suddenly just human to human. There really is good in humanity, and today it was like an ah ha moment – that of course there is good. We’re made in the image of our creator, we have His Breath inside our lungs and He is good. Always good.

After reading this article and realizing that I wanted to post a positive today and share it, I thought about whether or not I wanted to include a picture. It is now spring, and there is a show beginning in my garden. There is just something about spring, colors and flowers that spark hope. This never fails to spring up the line “Hope springs eternal”. I don’t know who said it, I just know it’s true.

I hope this article blesses you today, and sparks a deeper sense of hope towards our country and humanity. 🙂


2013 Spring - and just experimenting on Picmonkey  :)

2013 Spring – and just experimenting on Picmonkey 🙂



Robins, Robins, in the Snow

Walked into the bathroom a little bit ago and this splash of red in the spring snow jumped out at me. I had to laugh when at one point there were at least a half dozen robins flying in and out of the tree. It is nothing unusual here in PA to see red standing out in the white snow.. but it’s usually a cardinal!

Robins in the tree in the midst of our Spring Snow... will we have a white Easter?

Robins in the tree in the midst of our Spring Snow… will we have a white Easter?

Easter Week  Snow 2013

Easter Week Snow 2013

Saturn’s Surprise – The Weekly Photo Challenge:Lost in the Details –


Here it is, the 6th of March, and most of us are longing for Spring. But the forcast today was for like 10 inches of snow, which incidently is melting as fast as it’s coming down now. (So far, Snowstorm Saturn is not living up to its expectations here in PA)

I’ve been thinking about this week’s challenge for days, and only really wanted to post my daughter’s works, since her perspectives are perfect for the challenge. Then suddenly, as I’m passing the window, my attention is captured by a splash of grayness and white outdoors. Low and behold, it’s not my imagination, it’s the long awaited first robin of spring! Ha! snow or not, the flowers and flocks of geese have not lied, Spring is here! 🙂

Look what Saturn dropped on my front lawn (along with the snow!)

Look what Saturn dropped on my front lawn (along with the snow!)