Beauty from Ashes

Awesome testimony from this past Sunday’s service!!
He is Faithful, and will meet us in the middle of our mess.

The Testimonies of Praise Community Church

Recently I have been struggling with jealously, anger, and loving myself. I was consumed and controlled by the enemy. I was living for male attention, selling myself when necessary to feel loved. I was heartbroken and gave a year of my life to a guy even though he didn’t care whether I breathed or not. (We were only friends with benefits for a few weeks) Everything I did was with him in the back of my mind. Then, I dated a guy to try to get over the first guy. That just brought me down further as I hated myself for hurting my boyfriend, now ex. About a month ago, a different guy started talking to me. We ended up hooking up for an afternoon, and I happened to catch feelings for him. We hooked up again then, however he got back with his ex-girlfriend which tore me apart. In…

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Jesus in Jail

I know the author of this testimony, who’s been in this battle… Amazingly enough, she keeps getting back up, cause HE keeps showing up, even when she’s been at her lowest. She is a beautiful woman of God who is still just learning who she really is.. One of these days, she’ll understand that the Favor which He shows her, is because HE LOVES her that much. I hope this brings hope to someone’s day!

The Testimonies of Praise Community Church

I am so in love with GOD and it’s so amazing the things He is doing in my life. The favor He shows me, along with how much He loves me has been most amazing to me lately. I see and feel this more and more most recently in my life. I had the most ugly but amazing thing happen to me recently. I’ve been battling constant relapsing with my addiction lately and I just experienced a blessing in disguise this last week in my life. I actually had to go to jail for 6 days because my P.O. wanted to wake me up, and get me detoxed. While in jail for 6 days, the glory I experienced was just amazing.!!! I cannot believe all the FAVOR the Lord shows me. All the correctional officers that I was around spoke to me about GOD, and encouraged me not to give…

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