Hello! I’m still breathing!

Yes, folks I am still breathing… not sure my eyes ever completely open anymore.. but I’m still breathing. 

Getting a team ready for an international journey, even with another leader, in 3 months.. well… that’s about all I’m getting done. And even then, well lets just say, nothing has been according to my plans.. But that’s ok, once upon a time, God told me “make your plans, just let me interrupt. I like to show up and show off’. Fine by me I said… and I keep reminding me of it too. Anyhow, blogging has been pretty much on the shelf cause I can never do it quickly! So here I am.. and here I go. Going to reblog something I just read, and then I’m out of here again.

Blessings all!


Here We Go!

I will again keep this quite brief! I’m just too tired to pop. But I kept ya’ll waiting long enough..lol. Now that I can talk about it, here you go!

I was asked some months ago to take over leading a team to Nicaragua.
I’ve been hemming and hawing on that one for a few years.. probably 3, ever since I came back from our last team trip. I was hoping to travel by myself once or twice before trying to take a team. Guess the joke’s on me.

Long story short, there have been lots of hurdles and now today, the announcement got made, we did a presentation and invited others to join us. Here’s the video I was working one…


And now… after a very very late night working on this stuff, I say goodnight… lol

Tomorrow’s A Big Day!


(If you’re actually curious… come back in a day or two when I fill in the blank.


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