Mission Possible! blog post

Newest post on my Nicaragua/Missions blog. Photos which were sent to me recently. Enjoy! And at this point, it looks like I’m returning in the fall as part of a team! 



One Grandpa’s Humorus Take on Babysitting

Oh My Goodness. 

My friend posted on his facebook his daughter’s link to her blog, an entry he had actually guest written. Turns out, it was the 2nd of two. OH too funny, and he writes just the way he speaks!! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to read the second part as well for the whole picture!!

And actually its kind of funny, since I am babysitting at the time. My granddaughter seems to be a great mix of the two, sometimes entertained and engrossed in her own activities so you hardly know she’s even here, and then needs your full attention and participation (constant!!!) the next. 


The Spiritual Avalanche – Steve Hill Vision

Well, this was not what I came on here to write, but a new post captured my eye. Actually, it wasn’t new to me, I’d read it recently in another forum and sent it on to a couple of pastors. The link posted is to a vision that the Pastor Steve Hill had which another minister posted on his blog site.

There’s a line in this posting that has captured my attention, yet again, which for me is like a tag-team with a line from the election campaign. Multiple times Mitt Romney, and other Conservatives, had been accused of wanting to take America “back into the dark ages”. The correlating phrase from the posting here is at the beginning of this sentence: “You guys are old-fashioned ‘holiness,’ we are modern day ‘grace.’ You live in bondage while we can do anything we want.”

I turned fifty this year, and am well on the way to fifty-one already. Fifty is sort of a strange age. You don’t necessarily feel old, and are not necessarily old. But I remember thinking when I was young, – even at 20-30 – that FIFTY was OLD, almost ancient even. Stupid. And old people, were just that, old people – old people who had had their moments, and were pretty much just hanging in there the best they could until it was their time to go home. Again – Stupid. Now, the older I get, the more I am appreciating the wisdom of age. Of course, those who are older and more experienced than I. 

We, as a country, a society, and the Church, have slowly but surely gotten away from and even tried to tear up, most of our good foundations. While God will remove broken and bad foundations, but keeps the good in place, for they are firm, steadfast, and can be counted on to hold up what is built upon them. I’m not saying it’s time to go back to the in your face pulpit pounding, finger shaking accusing preaching. But there are simple Gospel truths, like God is a Holy God, that we must get back to. I love the line, still, in the Psalms, where the psalmists says, ‘Teach my Thy ways, that I might walk in them”. His paths are sure and steadfast, not slippery slopes. His intentions are pure. He is loving and gracious and compassionate, yet He is Holy, Just, Pure and His ways are Righteous. 

I really believe it is time to get back to the basics.  We’d all actually be better off and happier for it – believe it, or not. While it is good to keep moving forward, we can only do so successfully if we do so building on good foundations, for the right reasons, with the right motives, and in the right way. 

But hey, what do I know, I’m just a little kid, who’s only been around for half of a century. One who’s even been finding out recently, that so much of what we are living with now, began decades before I was even born. We don’t seem to understand, that it is generations that follow  us that have to live with the fruit of what we’ve sown. What would happen in the generations to come, if we would begin to advance with the future generations in mind, building something that they can build upon, instead of handing them more bad fruit to attempt to undo or just ‘deal with’. Yes, it would mean ‘backtracking’ a bit to get things back on track so that we can begin again – on good foundations.